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Agricultural Tours Riverina designs and conducts educational and technical tours of Australian agriculture. They can pick up and deliver client groups to any point in eastern Australia, by arrangement.

Agricultural Tours Riverina offers packaged tours of the Australian rice industry (one day), the Riverina wine industry (one or more days), irrigation water management (one day) and Riverina agriculture in general (one to three days). It also has a small number of half day tours focussing on Chinese Red Dates, citrus, olive growing and broadacre cropping. However most of its business involves designing bespoke tours to client specifications.

Let them know your topic of interest, your time availability, budget, group size and mode of travel and they will offer you a costed itinerary. If asked, Agricultural Tours Riverina can arrange appropriate road transport, accommodation, catering and interpreting within your budget. Make your requests and enquiries as detailed as possible so they can more fully understand your needs and wishes.

Agricultural Tours Riverina operates over New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. The business registered in 2014, but senior staff and associates have much longer experience organising technical, professional and educational tours of agricultural and environmental features. The Company is COVID19 prepared and pays particular attention to biosecurity, animal welfare and workplace health and safety matters.

Able to cater for industry professionals or primary school students.

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