Donald Mackay Memorial

Monuments & Memorials

A testament to Griffith's rich history

Griffith’s monuments and memorials are a testament to the rich history and legacy of Griffith, a city that holds a special place in the hearts of its inhabitants and visitors alike. These landmarks stand as enduring symbols of remembrance, commemorating significant events, individuals, and milestones that have shaped the city’s identity. From imposing statues and plaques honouring esteemed leaders and community figures to sombre memorials dedicated to fallen heroes, Griffith’s monuments reflect the deep sense of pride and reverence the city has for its past. They serve as poignant reminders of the city’s journey, preserving its heritage and inspiring future generations to cherish and uphold the values that have defined Griffith throughout the years.

  • Fairey Firefly and Dethridge Wheel Memorial

    Fairey Firefly and Dethridge Wheel Memorial

    Located in the heart of the CBD, make time to stop by two iconic monuments, important to the history of…

  • Kathleen Aiton Memorial

    Kathleen Aiton Memorial

    This memorial of local well-loved teacher Kathleen Aiton takes it’s place at the entrance of the CWA Park on Banna…

  • Lions Club Centenary Wall

    Lions Club Centenary Wall

    While you take a stroll through Griffith’s tranquil Memorial Garden, stop by the Lions Club Centenary Wall. The wall features…

  • Cenotaph in Griffith Memorial Park

    Cenotaph in Griffith Memorial Park

    Situated in the beautiful gardens of Memorial Park, the Cenotaph pays tribute to those whose lives were lost serving in…

  • Memorial to Pioneer Woman

    Memorial to Pioneer Women

    Visit the Griffith City Council Chambers, and see an elegant brass statue in the surrounding gardens. This graceful lady is…