Nancy Blumer Memorial


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Sitting at the top end of Banna Avenue, this stunning memorial is a tribute to Mrs Nancy Blumer, a local citizen who devoted her life to the people of Griffith.

Mrs Blumer was responsible for forming the Girl Guides Association in Griffith, and later the CWA Younger set. When the World War II broke out, she become Commandant of the W.A.N.S. in the Griffith district.

Originally a fountain, erected in 1965 and designed by Graves and Blackmore, the memorial went through extensive renovations and is now reminiscent of a flower, with orange and yellow petals encircling a series of metal stamens which are lit up at night with the changing colours of the rainbow.

Very fittingly, this memorial is situated opposite the Memorial to Pioneer Women, next to the Griffith Council Chambers.