Griffith: The Destination for Foodies

With the return of young entrepreneurs growing their family businesses and investing in new ones the philosophies of “farm to fork” and “paddock to plate” are well and truly gaining momentum in Griffith. An example of this is Zecca Handmade Italian, situated in the iconic Rural Bank Building, where everything is prepared fresh and using simple seasonal cooking which allows for an ever changing menu. By using these principles and local produce the old recipes are being brought back to life at many of our restaurants.

If you want that next level fine-dining head to Limone, housed in a unique building constructed almost entirely from recycled materials which were reclaimed from the local area. Here you can have the farm to fork experience as the menu includes produce from their own property, Piccolo Family Farm. Limone also incorporate local and sustainable produce, such as Murray cod from Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod, in their menu. If it’s dinner you’re after be sure to book ahead as Limone is only open Friday and Saturday nights for this experience (open Monday to Saturday for breakfast and lunch).

Craving a sweet treat? Bertoldo’s Bakery in the middle block of Banna Avenue (our main street) is where you can enjoy some delightful treats like cannoli and gelato all year round.

And if you still can’t get enough of our “Italianness” go and see Sam at La Piccola Grosseria on the top block of Banna Avenue where you can find authentic Italian groceries including coffees, pasta, dolci, salamis and cold meats and so much more. You can also grab a takeaway coffee, scrumptious focaccia or sit in for some true Italian family hospitality.

Visit Griffith and taste our culture… you won’t be disappointed.