Never been to Italy? No worries.

Never been to Italy? No worries .…. come to Griffith instead.

Many of us have rediscovered the joy of travelling locally during the pandemic and are taking the opportunity to experience places we’ve never been before or to revisit the places we love, and that includes our wonderful city of Griffith. With one of its striking features being its “Italianness” you can experience the culture without the need to go to Italy.

With an “ideal population” of around 27,000 (it’s still less than Walter Burley Griffin’s proposed 30,000) Griffith has a real sense of community and belonging, even if you’re a first time visitor you will feel welcomed, whether it be one of the locals telling you what you should try at one of our Italian bakeries or just walking the picturesque main street.

During the early 1900’s large groups of Italian migrants populated the region with another wave post Second World War. With this influx of Italian migrants some of the old traditions you will see even today, like salami making, preserving olives and tomato sauce making, were brought along with them. It’s this kind of “keeping of traditions” that help make Griffith what it is today.

That said, Griffith is not just Italian, we have over 60 nationalities here and an abundance of tasting experiences you certainly won’t forget.

Plan your visit to Griffith so you too can experience our culture.