Burley Griffin Community Gardens


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During your visit to Griffith, pack a picnic and take a stroll through the Burley Griffin Community Gardens.

Located near the picturesque Main Canal, right next to City Park and the off-leash dog park, the Burley Griffin Community Gardens provide areas for contemplation (beside the canal), for adventure (the cliff face and lookout), for enjoyment of indigenous plant communities and for large outdoor activities and entertainment (the piazza, amphitheatre and stage).

Beautiful local indigenous plant communities native to southwestern NSW have been planted to demonstrate plants which need little water to survive.

Take time to enjoy the serenity. In his plans for the city, Walter Burly Griffin envisaged parkland along the main irrigation canal, which runs through Griffith. He was responsible for widening the canal and curving it at this point and is believed to have designed the arched bridge at Willandra Avenue. These have become features of the park.

A community-inspired feature of the gardens includes the popular “Put your mark in the Park” brick art project which raised funds for the paving of the Piazza; the Piazza or “town square” highlights the Italian influence within our community.

The enhancement and linking of green space along the main canal with the city emphasises the importance of water and irrigation as the life blood of this area.